Sponsored Membership Policy

  1. Sponsored Member Approval Policy

The Sponsored Member category of membership is only intended for situations where a Regular Member has a current moorage contract for a vessel and wants another person with a joint ownership interest in the vessel to have independent access to the Club and the vessel.

  • An application for a person to become a Sponsored Member of the Club can only be submitted by a Regular Member in good standing and who has a current Moorage Contract for the vessel that will be jointly owned with the proposed Sponsored Member.
  • A Regular Member may request approval for more than one Sponsored Member when the joint ownership of the Regular Member’s vessel involves more than one owner in addition to the Regular Member.
  • An application by a Regular Member for a Sponsored Member must include valid proof of the Regular Member’s joint vessel ownership arrangement with the proposed Sponsored Member. Valid proof of joint ownership will include documents such as:
  • a current license for the Regular Member’s vessel (when a license is required pursuant to the Canada Shipping Act – Small Vessel Regulations) showing all joint owners, or
  • a purchase/sale agreement signed by all joint owners,
  • and any other documentation as requested by the Club Manager.
  • The responsibilities of the Regular Member with respect to their Sponsored Member(s) are as specified in the bylaws section 2.5 (b).
  • No rights or privileges are extended to the spouse of a Sponsored Member.