Commodore   Dan Prouse   email

The Commodore is responsible for the overall operation of the club.

Past Commodore  Scott Sarsons

Past Commodore is an honourary position and has no vote on the board.

Vice-Commodore    Glen Corfe    email

The vice-commodore fills in for the commodore in his absence, and has other assigned duties as well.

Treasurer     Darren Boyer   email

The treasurer is responsible for accounting, banking and year-end statements and the overall financial activities of SYC.

Secretary      Ray Davis    email

The secretary records minutes and files Societies Act documents.

Harbour Master     Gil Inglis     email

The harbour master oversees the docks and associated equipment.

Fleet Captain    Steve Portman    email

The fleet captain organizes races for SYC.

House Director

The house director oversees kitchen operations.

Staff Captain     Roger Gallant    email

The staff captain oversees maintenance of the building, water lines etc.

Moorage Director   Glen Corfe     email

The moorage director organizes slips in the basin to obtain maximum potential, and reviews new member applications.

Yard Master   Carsten Von Dein    email

The yardmaster oversees the parking lot and gas hut operations.

Director at Large

Director at Large   Brian Smyrski

Directors-at-large are assigned various tasks as they come up, such as  new member orientation.

Rear Commodore